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Partner of the Week: Lamac MPC Youth Planet Laboratory Cooperative

Posted in Partner of The Week on July 3, 2020

Lamac MPC Youth Planet Laboratory Cooperative (commonly known as Coop Youth Planet – CYP) is a youth organisation under Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative in the Philippines. Their mission is to empower children through socio-cultural activities and economic enterprises, working to create a more progressive society. CYP reaches 3,000 children and young people per year.  

Our partnership 

Aflatoun is the flagship programme of CYP. The cooperative has a 5-core component programme that serves as the blueprint for how they interact with participants. They use Aflatoun and Aflateen curricula. The components include capability-building, planning and budgeting, gender equality, sustainable agricultural education, social and financial enterprise. 


“We are thankful for Aflatoun International and the National Confederation of Cooperative for their strong support. We strive for positive change in our community by giving life-long lessons to our children and youth who are not just the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of today. Because being young is not an excuse to not do great things”, a staff member shared with us.

Local champions, global icons 

Annually, CYP Lab Coop organises the Top 10 Aflatoun Child of the Year. The competition is open to all members of CYP under School-Based Membership. Winners are chosen based on the criteria of consistency of savings (40%), the amount saved (10%), academic performance (20%), schools and community Involvement (20%) parents are saving in the coop (10%).  

Winners are announced on social media during the global Aflatoun Day celebration, as a way of promoting Aflatoun to the community. “They are our local champions, but we consider them global icons,” CYP staff member shared with us. 

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