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Partner of the Week: Future Hopes Integrated Development Organization (FHIDO) 

Posted in Partner of The Week on May 12, 2020

FHIDO is an indigenous, non-governmental organisation based in Ethiopia. Their mission is to create an environment of hope and respect for children of all cultural backgrounds and beliefs. They do this through a sustainable development approach and by providing practical tools and life skills education. 

They have reached more than 12,000 children and their families by focusing on the thematic areas: food and nutrition, educational support, counselling support, primary healthcare and livelihoods promotion via income generation activities. 

Our partnership

We’ve partnered with FHIDO since 2015 and they have implemented our Aflateen & Aflatot curricula.  

Aflatoun groups have been created in schools and on project sites. Normally, the clubs meet once a month and focus on developing financial literacy. Why we work together? An FHIDO staff member summed it up:

Aflatoun enable individuals to make the best use of available resources to achieve holistic and sustainable empowerment. This aligns with FHIDO’s mission to create opportunities for children, families and communities to achieve their full potential by focusing on saving and spending, planning and budgeting, child enterprise and financial education.” 

Learning while doing 

“Once I became a member of the group, I found it helpful to learn a number of skills which helped me to shape my future. For instance, I had only heard of a democratic way of electing leaders but never experienced it myself. When I participated in electing my group leaders through a democratic process – using the ballot box with the presence of observers – it gave me the opportunity to learn while doing”, shared an Aflateen group member.

Moreover, Aflatoun club members have also done things like plant vegetable gardens, save small amounts of money to help their community and collect and donate school supplies to vulnerable children.  

“I am very excited to be part of the Aflatoun group in my school because it enabled me to see that every resource in my community is valuable. It gives me pleasure to support those who are in need with our saving – helping to fill the gaps so they can continue their education. My members and I will continue to save different materials and engage in gardening while in school to support my classmates,” Aflateen group member.


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