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Partner of the Week: Fundación AMG Guatemala

Posted in Partner of The Week on September 7, 2021

Fundación AMG Guatemala has been operating for 45 years to spread positive values and help vulnerable communities. Founded in 1976, they review their plans and programmes every 5 years in order to adapt to current needs, and support the comprehensive development of their beneficiaries across spiritual, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical health.  

Students of Basic Education at “Escuela Rayo de Luz” Fundación AMG Guatemala ”Aflateen Program, Social Entrepreneurship“ Musical for Children's Day Celebration to children from the community nursery. October 02, 2019.

Our Partnership 

Since becoming an Aflatoun International partner in 2014, Fundación AMG Guatemala has implemented the Aflatot, Aflatoun, Aflateen and Aflateen+ curricula in both formal and informal education environments. Within their dissemination of social and financial education, their favourite aspects of the Aflatoun curricula are: savings systems, resource utilisation systems, social awareness, personal care, and awareness of the environment. Through these, their beneficiary communities have been able to generate sources of employment, increase options for informal jobs, and social work. 

“[Aflatoun] is the only organisation with an updated and contextualised financial curriculum for our region” — Fundación AMG Guatemala employee

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AMG Guatemala has been able to continue implementing Aflatoun programmes with hybrid and virtual methods in different communities, and, in specific rural settings, in-person through COVID-safe practices. They have found Aflatoun programmes to be an appropriate tool to educate, support, and encourage students during the pandemic, and an important source of knowledge for personal, family and community benefit. The topics they have found to be the most impactful are: recycling, environmental care, localised social enterprises, individual and family-based financial ventures, and participation in international activities (such as Global Money Week, Aflatoun Day, and World Savings Day). 


Community savings 

An outstanding example of Aflatoun programme’s impact is the “Nim Jay” Student Training Center in San José el Yalú village. Every year, the institution’s staff participate in the preparation of their annual savings plan, a practice that they have been developing and modifying year after year. This practice began with an informal savings plan for students, and after 4 years, most of the participants have long-term savings plans in financial institutions supported by the Central Bank of Guatemala. The annual plans are created to help students pay their college fees or monthly payments, buy furniture, save for expenses for special occasions, such as family celebrations or graduation ceremonies. Most of the center’s students are very motivated to continue their learning and have emphasised the importance of social and financial education for their daily lives and for the benefit of their communities. 

Administrators and teachers, at the “Nim Jay Student Training Center” Fundación AMG Guatemala, Savings Day.