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Partner of the Week: Erteqa House for Exhibitions & Consultancy

Posted in Partner of The Week on April 29, 2021

Erteqa House for Exhibitions & Consultancy is a consultancy and media support organisation based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They are one of Aflatoun’s newer partners, though they have already been working for 8 years to provide consultancy, event and exhibition services for the innovative development of different sectors. They introduced Aflatoun’s programme as part of a social initiative to teach children basic skills around saving, spending, and entrepreneurship. 

“[Though] Bahrain does not suffer from extreme poverty like other countries in the region; still, children and youth need to learn the basics of [social and financial education]..., while respecting diversity and others.” — Erteqa House employee

Our Partnership 

Erteqa House for Exhibitions & Consultancy joined Aflatoun’s partner network in 2020, working with Bahraini education trainers to teach the first and second book of the Aflatoun programme to 15 children in their first Aflatoun Club. They delivered our programmes to students in two different groups across different venues to ensure the safety during COVID-19. Children learnt how to save, how to distinguish between Wants and Needs, and learnt about their place and the world around them. They also performed a play about coexistence and respect for diversity, and developed mini projects based on their capabilities.  

When speaking about becoming an Aflatoun Partner, Erteqa House said, “We are particularly drawn towards the Aflatoun curriculum as it focuses on financial skills in a way no other programmes applied in Bahrain ever before, in addition to its focus on important social values and skills”

“Seeing that the content of the programme is strong and important, children of Bahrain have the basic right to receive this knowledge” — Erteqa House employee

Family Support 

The students’ parents expressed admiration for the skills and topics taught through Aflatoun’s curriculum, saying that they felt the change in their children’s attitudes and the effect of their newly acquired knowledge, and that they were willing for them to continue with Aflatoun.  

“Children in Bahrain do not contribute to increasing family’s income...therefore it is important for the child to...be a positive contributor to the family. Aflatoun curriculum has all of that, and we have seen a wonderful response from the children and their families.” — Erteqa House employee