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Posted in Partner of The Week on November 11, 2017

For the past 20 years Fundación CRISFE has been managing and financing social projects, which positively impact the lives of Ecuadorians.  The NGO focuses on three areas: education, entrepreneurship and social management, through which it leads internal projects, develops methodologies, generates strategic alliances, assists and strengthens institutions and supports external projects.

Since 2016 Fundación CRISFE has been part of the Aflatoun Network and is currently implementing social and financial education in schools across the country. The CRISFE Foundation’s Financial Education and Entrepreneurship programmes are driven by the Aflatoun methodology with the objective to socially and financially empower children so they can become agents of change and lead responsible lives.

Through its programmes, children can strengthen their habits around financial decisions and develop skills to use savings and planning tools. Entrepreneurship is one of its fundamental axes that can generate social impact and improve the economic conditions of people and their community. Thanks to Aflatoun’s structured methodology, which empowers children to take charge of their own reality, CRISFE helps pupils to improve their skills, so they can become entrepreneurs for life.