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Partner of The Week: Sekolah Citra Kasih

Posted in Partner of The Week on May 19, 2020

Sekolah Citra Kasih has been active in Indonesia since 2003, helping children from all age groups gain access to high-quality education. By working with parents, teachers, principals and other community members, they have reached more than 6,000 children and youth all over the country. Their main focus is on entrepreneurship skills based on students’ talents and interests. They use creative learning approaches to enhance understanding and self-confidence.

Our partnership

Since 2018, the Sekolah Citra Kasih has been successfully implementing the Aflatot and Aflatoun programmes in 9 schools in Indonesia. Their curriculum is based on learning activities that challenge students to explore their creativity and develop entrepreneurship skills. They are using the Aflatoun programme to develop students’ knowledge about financial literacy since it is aligned with their Program of Entrepreneurship. According to the staff, the programme encourages students “to be brave, take risks risk and be prepared to face any challenges.”

“What we have been most impressed with”, says a member of the organisation, is “the way the financial curriculum is designed. It encourages both children and teachers to develop interpersonal and management skills in terms of financial education and to contribute to their community.”

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