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Partner of the Week: Children International – Guayaquil 

Posted in Partner of The Week on May 4, 2020

Children International – Guayaquil is an organisation based in Ecuador. It’s a part of the global humanitarian organisation Children International that provides critical assistance to children and families to break the cycle of poverty. Their main goal is to create healthy environments, without economic scarcity, where every child has opportunities to grow up healthy, educated and safe. 

Our partnership 

They started delivering Aflatoun programming in August 2010 in Guayaquil with children and youth in non-formal education. Over the years they have scaled up their programme by implementing Aflatot and Aflateen.  

“The programme has been a benchmark for our way of working and we implemented its methodology as a basis for our programmes. One of our greatest achievements is the inclusive socio-financial learning which connects children with their local communities and prepare them to contribute to society,” said a staff member.  

Reaching children during COVID-19  

Despite the technical challenges staff sometimes encounter (such as limitations of coverage and bad signal quality), the Guayaquil team has been working hard to provide digital education. They have held entrepreneurship sessions in which children and youth learn and practice technical skills such as sewing, screen-printing, soap making and more. 

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