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Partner of the Week: ChildFund Indonesia

Posted in Partner of The Week on September 20, 2018

Childfund has been active in Indonesia since 1973, helping children from all age groups gain access to high-quality education. By working with parents, teachers, principals and other community members, they have reached more than 900,000 children and family members.

In 2014, Childfund introduced our ‘Aflatot’ curriculum to the Indonesia Early Childhood Development working group whose members include represenatives from other organizations such as World Vision International, Plan International, Save the Children and UNICEF.

With a new grant of 750,000 USD to implement Aflatot and scale up the Aflatoun programme in Indonesia for 3 years, Childfund Indonesia made a big contribution to the achievement of the Aflatoun Network goal for 2020 to reach 20 million children worldwide.

With the help of ChildFund Korea in 2016, the organisation began implementing a new project called “ACTIVE” (Adolescent Confident in Thinking, Value in Life and Empowered) which incorporates the Aflatoun curriculum on life-skills and financial education. The project aims to teach the participants basic business skills and organisational development—enabling them to discover innovative ways to generate income.

“My voice is being heard and I have made contributions to make my school better,” — said Joshua, an 8th grade student in the programme.

As part of the ACTIVE project, Joshua started selling fertilizer made from organic rubbish he found around his school. He will save the money he earns for school material he might need in the future.


To date, Aflatoun has been implemented in 36 schools and 70 children groups in villages, reaching 17,379 children. They have trained 360 Volunteers to become ACTIVE Program Facilitators to deliver Life Skills and Financial Education to targeted adolescents.

Galuh Wiratna Dewi, one of the Community ACTIVE Facilitators, said she truly believes in the Aflatoun methodology since it helps children access their true potentials and see their challenges as instruments for growth.

For more information about ChildFund’s work in Indonesia, click here. To learn more about Aflatoun’s global social and financial education movement and how you can join us, click this link: aflatoun.org/join/