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Partner of the week – Centre Sportif Fayda

Posted in Partner of The Week on October 20, 2016

Centre Sportif Fayda is our partner of the week!


Centre Sportif Fayda (CSF) is a Senegalese Association founded by Gerard Sambou, an ex-National Volleyball player that decided to put his skills to work in a social setting after realizing that the youth needs role models.

CSF works to promote sports, environmental issues, civic issues and educates children on the role they can play in their communities and public spaces. CSF became a partner of Aflatoun International in 2011. At the beginning they focused on implementing the Aflatoun programme in summer and sports clubs. Soon they also partnered with public and private schools and started advocating with the Ministries of Education and Youth in Senegal to scale up and integrate Social Financial Education.


CSF is an organisation dedicated to empower children and youth through sports.

Aflatoun Clubs originating from the CSF programmes organize sports games at the beach and invite non-team members to participate in these games, mostly volleyball. Often, sports celebrities , being role models, are joining the events by invitation of Gerard. After the games participants are invited to an introduction to and debate on the importance of preserving the environment, specifically the marine world. Multiple day activities are also being organized whereby the young people clean the beaches from litter. Clubs do these activities with full support of CSF and its partner organizations.