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Partner of the Week: Centre Sportif FAYDA

Posted in Partner of The Week on September 23, 2021

Since 1993, the Centre Sportif FAYDA has been teaching social and financial education programmes by using sports, the environment and agriculture as practical educational tools in order to improve the community’s living conditions and empower children and youth in Senegal. What makes CS FAYDA unique is its use of sports (particularly volleyball and beach volleyball) in its various activities: cleaning, reforestation and beautification activities of the community. 


CS Fayda’s initiatives include school and neighbourhood clubs, the creation of school gardens and public plant nurseries at the Phare des Mamelles in Dakar, as well as clean-ups, reforestation and community beautification activities. 


In 2011, the Centre Sportif FAYDA partnered with Aflatoun and has since been implementing the Aflatot, Aflatoun, Aflateen and Aflateen+ modules on the environment, migration and agriculture. This partnership has provided new educational tools and strengthened CS FAYDA’s existing pedagogy. They particularly enjoy the 5 core elements of the Aflatoun curricula and the learning methodology’s focus on practical activities. 


CS FAYDA believe that social and financial education is crucial for children and youth to become aware of the role they can play in their community. It allows them to take their environment into account, develop their entrepreneurial skills and sense for mutual aid.  

Sustainable school garden 

The Centre Sportif FAYDA recently started an initiative called the “Agriculture in Schools” programme which consists of making a garden using compost to transform biodegradable waste from the school and the neighbourhood. The school garden is maintained by the students and the profit from produce sales are reinvested by the students into developing the school.