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Partner of the Week: Le Cadre de Concertation des ONG/Associations active en Education de Base (CCEB-BF)

Posted in Partner of The Week on February 23, 2021

Le Cadre de Concertation des ONG/Associations active en Education de Base(CCEB-BF) is a national umbrella NGO based in Burkina Faso. Since 1998, CCEB-BF has furthered its mission to provide and create access to free quality education for all in Burkina Faso. 

Their work also includes providing assistance to young people in their activities through training and business creation, as well as fighting against social injustice, and removing children from working on gold mines. 

What makes our organisation unique is our NGO network and active association that provides quality basic education — A CCEB-BF staff member

CCEB-BF has created and implemented an elaborate strategic plan for 2021-2025 as an initiative to improve social causes in the country. The strategic plan includes the creation of social and financial enterprises in formal and non-formal establishments, in addition to the effective opening of bank accounts for the benefit of over a hundred beneficiaries. 

Our Partnership 

We partnered with Aflatoun international because we share a common objective: to empower responsible and competent people who have the power to change their lives and improve the world they live in — A CCEB-BF staff member

CCEB-BF’s partnership with Aflatoun international is a novel one, having only become official in September 2020. The organisation has been implementing Aflateen + curriculum, teaching children and young people about social and financial literacy with the added supplements that address gender-related themes, as well as the elements surrounding healthy relationships and social rights. Implementing this curriculum has allowed CCEB-BF to teach communities about the concept of ‘savings,’ increasing the perception of its importance while illustrating the various ways in which savings can be achieved to foster more autonomy and security. 

This alongside teaching the ‘spirit’ of entrepreneurship and the integration of social values within daily life, is how CCEB-BF has been instrumental in encouragement of stronger, more symbiotic and dynamic communities in Burkina Faso. 

Businesses and jobs created by Aflatoun students  

The implementation of Aflatoun curricula has allowed the CCEB-BF and their members to build high functioning businesses that have now become job providers. They have shared with us some success stories of Aflatoun programme beneficiaries who have created businesses that remain functional to this day: 

  • Club Aflatoun ATAD has created a company that recovers plastic waste to manufacture utility equipment in the Arbolé region. There, they transform and create local products, which has been well received and supported by the local population. 
Members in Club Aflatoun ATAD in Arbolé, making bread
  • A soap factory has been open by club ACCED in the province of Ganzourgou to a functional soap factory. 
  • In Boussé in the province of Zoundwéogothe local center for women has opened a company that makes soumbala. Soumbala is a fermented seed condiment used widely across West Africa, it is traditionally made from néré seeds and is usually prepared by women over the course of several days. 
  • A sustainable garden has been organised and is tended to by Club Aflatoun in Komangou 

These companies have shown significant positive implications for the communities that surround them as they have been able to create jobs, therefore, absorbing unemployment and creating added value for the community.   The income gathered from sales allows families to improve their living conditions and invest in themselves and their future. 

If I had had the chance to learn about this programme at a young age, today I would be an accomplished man — Chaperone on an Aflatoun outing

These inspiring stories are instrumental to measuring the impact of social and financial education. The work CCEB-BF has done allows us to witness communities blossom from within by coming together and working to strengthen their environment and personal lives.