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Partner of the Week: CARE Perú

Posted in Partner of The Week on July 13, 2021

CARE International is a global confederation of 14 member organisations that works in over 100 countries to end poverty. CARE has worked in Perú, for over 50 years, boosting equal opportunities for children, youth and women across the country, and working to build a world with peace, tolerance, social justice, and without poverty.  

As part of their mission to ensure everyone lives with dignity and security, they have been responding to the Venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis with gender-sensitive programmes and assistance, including financial support, provision of basic needs like water hygiene food and shelter, and strengthening legal assistance and providing psycho-social support. 


Our Partnership 

CARE Perú has been partnering with Aflatoun International since 2008, now directly reaching over 4,500 students and 600+ teachers across 10 states with social and financial education. They currently implement the following projects using the Aflatoun methodology:  


¡Empodérate ya! (Empower Yourself Now!)
The ‘Empodérate Ya’ project focuses on wellbeing education for high school students at 5 secondary schools, and is implemented in alliance with Softys. With an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health education, gender equality, and building resilience and self esteem, both students and teachers build their knowledge and capacities through virtual workshops and modules. 


Jóvenes y Adultos con Oportunidades (Youth and Adults with Opportunities)
As part of a combined effort by CARE Perú and the DVVI to guarantee the right to education for young people who were unable to complete their primary and/or secondary school education, this project promotes comprehensive wellbeing through programmes at 2 adult literacy centres. 


Niñas con Oportunidades 2.0 (Girls with Opportunities) 
Implemented at 53 secondary schools, ‘Niñas con Oportunidades 2.0’ is part of CARE Perú’s efforts to ensure Peruvian adolescents’ right to education. Through this project, they have developed activities with students, teachers and families to build life skills in socio-emotional education, sexual and reproductive health education, and economic empowerment. 


Students in the Punchao District

Aprendemos+, Crecemos y Emprendemos Siempre (We Learn+, We Grow and Always Undertake)  

The ‘Aprendemos+, Crecemos y Emprendemos Siempre’ project, delivered in alliance with the Ministry of Education, is active at 115 primary schools across the country including the rural, multigrade and monolingual environments of the Cajamarca, Amazonas, Cerro de Pasco, and Huánuco regions. 


It comprises of three main components:  

  • Pedagogy: In this, strategies were implemented to promote healthy practices and socio-emotional resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers and learning directors were advised via virtual workshops on digital learning methods, the use of virtual platforms and learning groups, and in developing projects for social and entrepreneurial education. 
  • Management: This component mobilised parents and community agents to continue delivering education in case of a public health emergency. Socio-emotional support was delivered remotely to provide care and guidance for students and their families, including by a team of psychologists, and build emotional management, self-esteem, communication, and organisational skills. Counselling and guidance were also provided to teachers and families to strengthen their capacities as home support and remote tutors.  
  • Support: In this component, activities were developed that strengthened students’ autonomous learning at home. Students were provided tablets with pre-loaded digital resources, including interactive worksheets on social, financial, and entrepreneurial education. Further, laptops were delivered to teachers and learning directors at 59 educational institutions in Huánaco and Pasco in order to ensure the continuation of their teaching support.