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Partner of the Week: Bahrain Women Union

Posted in Partner of The Week on February 2, 2017

Bahrain Women Union is our Partner of the Week

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small country consisting of a group of islands located in the Persian Gulf. In 2013, Aflatoun International partnered with the Bahrain Women Union (BWU) to deliver Aflatoun to children and youth in Bahrain.

The Union was established in 2006 with the goal to better coordinate the efforts of Bahraini associations working on women’s rights and the position of women in Bahraini society. They work to unite all efforts in Bahrain aimed towards the development and empowerment of women to establish a strong women’s movement in Bahrain. It aims to remove all forms of discrimination by advocating for the amendments and implementation of legislation guaranteeing citizenships rights based on equality and equal opportunities.

The union has 5 major projects and Aflatoun is integrated in the Family Support project. The union has a training unit that ensures the provision of Aflatoun curriculum and its activities to children who are organized in clubs. These clubs,of around 20 children each, are particularly working on concepts as rights&responsibilities, saving&spending and planning&budgeting. The Union firmly believes that Bahraini children need to learn these concepts and affiliated skills to build a sustainable future.

The Union delivers the programme to a diverse group of children. They train approximately 200 children each year since 2013 to date.

The Bahrain Women Union is building relationships with local associations for collaborations to reach more children to spread and reinforce the culture of peace, respect, acceptance for solid and active citizenship.


For more information about the Bahrain Women Union please see their website.