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Partner of the week: Association ATINATI

Posted in Partner of The Week on February 9, 2021

Association ATINATI is a non-governmental organisation located in Zugdidi, Georgia. Since 1995, ATINATI has worked towards their mission to promote the establishment of an educated, tolerant and free society. This mission is carried out in using multi-perspective methods: through civil society development, providing assistance to socially vulnerable people, and raising awareness through formal and non-formal education. 

Over the course of 25 years, the organisation has established community trust through a variety of large and impactful experiences. ANTINATI has cooperated with many organisations to successfully implement social and educational projects in Georgia, and have shown their community that they prioritise quality world at a local, national and international level. 

ATINATI has implemented different projects aimed at improving different social causes. They have worked to ease unemployment through providing trainings focused on competence building within the labour market,  on increasing income-generating opportunities for youth, internally displaced persons, and women. Additionally, ATINATI works to raise awareness and access to information about various beneficial services to local community members, especially those who are socially vulnerable. 

Students learning Aflayouth curricula

Our Partnership

Before partnering with Aflatoun, ATINATI had amassed many years of experience in conducting life skill trainings for children and young people. Since the partnership they have used AflatotAflatounAflateen and Alfayouth curricula in order to implement unique and impactful educational projects for children and youth within Georgia. Aflatoun social and financial curricula enabled them to include important modern issues that are relevant to children and young people in the 21st century, further equipping students with the necessary skills for an evolving labour market. 


“ATINATI’s main target group is youth and children and their education and development are one of the missions of ATINATI. Aflatoun and its methodology is very important to reach ATINATI’s goal and mission.” — ATINATI's staff member

ATINATI believes that teaching social and financial education from early childhood will have a tangible impact on their community, as it can be easier to form right attitudes, skills, approaches and/or behaviour rather than to rebuild old ones.  

“Analytical approaches toward self, others and environment in general, thinking about future and daily challenges from very early childhood in appropriate level and manner to the age will hopefully lead to positive changes in general and especially for our population as the representatives of developing countries.” — ATINATI's staff member

Success Story

 ATINATI were asked to share their experience and fruits of knowledge on the Aflatoun methodology with Danish Refugee Council (DRC), an organisation that operates in Abkhazia, one of the conflict zones of Georgia. This cooperation was successful as it allowed ATINATI to share their expertise regarding working with children and young people, and making Aflatoun methodology accessible to the children and youth of Abkhazia. Additionally, working with the Danish Refugee Council allowed for further confidence building among the organisations as well as bringing Georgian and Abkhazian communities together.  

Any opportunity to communicate with and “to build bridges” [among communities] is crucially important for us — ATINATI's staff member

ATINATI has been dedicated to creating access to education opportunities for children and young people for a long time, and continues to show that partnership and cooperation are key tools to furthering their mission towards a more socially literate and educated society.