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Partner of the Week: APFG, Burkina Faso

Posted in Partner of The Week on April 7, 2017

APFG (Association pour la Promotion Féminine de Gaoua) is our partner of the week

APFG is an NGO established in Burkina Faso in the region of Gaoua where it is active since 1992. APFG works to integrate women of Gaoua in the economic, social development process as well as improving their conditions. It works to eradicate traditional harmful practices such as FGM (female gender mutilation). APFG first objective is to contribute to the education and sensitization of women for the defense of their rights and those of their children.

APFG was amongst the very first partners of Aflatoun International in Francophone Africa, it runs the Aflatoun programme in public schools in agreement with the local authorities. They are reaching over 10.000 children through their programme which they implement directly through their own APFG initiative on Financial Inclusion which allows children to save in a Micro Finance set up. This programme demonstrates the feasibility of integrating Social and Financial Education into the national curriculum and into the classroom. It shows how a good approach of the Ministry of Education can help a programme.

During the our efforts last year, APFG has indeed contributed to the national stakeholders meeting led by the Ministry of Education. They shared their best practices and lessons learned. APFG also highlighted their readiness to serve as an example for other organizations willing to start the Aflatoun programme in Burkina Faso. It is in fact thanks to their contribution that Aflatoun International is today collaborating with the Ministry of education to make Financial Education a reality in the formal education system.

With their specail girl focus, APFG also uses the Aflatoun programme especially to support young girls in their personal, economic and social development. They set up non formal clubs where groups of young girls go through the financial education programme and create their own enterprises targeting the local market. Having developed our new curriculum around young girls economic empowerment, APFG will surely be one the best beneficiaries of the programme.


Check for more information the website of APFG.