Aflatoun International – Child Social and Financial Education


Aflatoun’s social and financial education programme is one of the most well-researched international life skills programmes.

We work with academics, research institutes, external researchers and evaluators, and mostly local researchers for conducting country or programme specific studies. Aflatoun provides partners with comprehensive tools to assess their own programmes. Thematic assessments and their results are made public annually in a series of publications entitled ‘Children and Change’. The Aflatoun Secretariat has initiated a number of global studies and assesses the health and vibrancy of our network annually through a partner survey; you can find all these studies as “Secretariat Assessment”. Finally and very importantly, research on the partner level – using a range of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods – is made public as “Partner Research”. All mentioned publications can be found on our research page.



Our evidence base shows that through Aflatoun International’s programmes children learn about money, they change their personal attitudes and financial behaviour and they practice the lessons learned while engaging in enterprises.

Research has included six completed or ongoing randomised controlled trials in six countries, a systematic review and meta-analysis of all financial education for children and youth, a realist review on programmes aimed at economically empowering adolescent girls, over 30 research projects investigating the outcomes of the primary school age curriculum both in formal and informal education settings, more than 25 projects evaluating the effectiveness of its youth programme, and 10 research projects on Aflatot for early childhood education.