Aflatoun International – Child Social and Financial Education

Our Team


Roeland Monasch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lama Yazbeck

Deputy CEO

Kirsten Theuns

Director of Programmes

Cristina Peña

Programme Manager, Americas

Rocio Pilar Andia

Regional Coordinator, Americas

Saida Mamadjonova

Programme Manager, Europe & Central Asia

Juliet Giorgadze

Regional Coordinator, Europe & Central Asia

Lucky Lumingkewas

Programme Manager, Asia

Shiv Dewan

Business Development Specialist – Government Engagement Advisor (India)

Ya-Ling Chao

Regional Coordinator, Asia

Mohamadou Badiaga

Programme Manager, Francophone Africa

Waliou Yessoufou

Regional Coordinator, Francophone Africa

Lea Rauh

Network Management and Project Officer, Francophone Africa

Mozna Abumery

Programme Manager, Middle East and North Africa

Nancy Abu Hayyaneh

Regional Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa

Rayana Elgrabli

Intern, Middle East and North Africa

Philomena Darku

Programme Manager, Anglophone Africa

Grace Saba

Regional Coordinator, Anglophone Africa

Tendai Carlton Saunyama

Regional Coordinator, Anglophone Africa

Jack Bbabbi

Interim Programme Manager, Anglophone Africa

Sabrina Zebinger

Programme Communications and Engagement Officer

Iari Vehuliza

Manager – Project Management Unit

Yara Mansour

Project Manager

Marta Orozco

Project Manager

Marina Amoah

Project Manager

Katerina Zejdlova

Project Manager

Mubish Belim

Project Reporting Officer

Sarkis Warzabedian

Director – Finance and Operations

Sinead Grima

HR Officer / Office Manager

Chitra Mokeerje

HR Officer and PA to the CEO

Abdullah Alam

Director, Education and Innovations

Gabriela Gutierrez

Technical Manager – Education Department

Chandni Mehta

Education Specialist

Sarah Ghazal

Education Specialist

Niveen Reza

Education Specialist

Sangina Khudododova

Training Coordinator

Paul Moclair

Training Consultant

Maxwell Kyei Baffour

Digital Learning Manager

Gemma Bosch Martinez

Digital Learning Specialist Consultant

Faith Mbithe Mbatha

Digital Learning Consultant

Kristel Casimiro

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Mariama Mary Fall

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Tomohisa Miyamoto

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Emilio Lopez De Romana

Intern, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL)

Magdalena Gawlak

Communications Manager

Elisabetta Spoldi

Communications Specialist

Isidora Ovalle

Resource Mobilisation Officer

Rutger Schaaf

Project Officer, Aflatoun Nederland

Aaltje Veen

Education Manager, Aflatoun Nederland


Joanne Kellermann

Supervisory Board Member, Chair

Petra Zijp

Supervisory Board Member

Anna Koivuniemi

Supervisory Board Member

Sander Volten

Supervisory Board Member

Herman Hulst

Supervisory Board Member

Olivier van Riet Paap

Supervisory Board Member

Aaron (Alan) Wang

Special Representative for China

Rishad Byramjee

Meljol Special Representative

Ana Yris Guzman

Global Network Board Member, Americas

Hamida Jahamah

Global Network Board Member, Middle East and North Africa

Assane Sankara

Global Network Board Member, Francophone Africa

Mercy Luhanga Mchechu

Global Network Board Member, Anglophone Africa

Sylvia Okinlay Paraguya

Global Network Board Member, Asia

Luan Imeri

Global Network Board Member, Europe and Central Asia


Jeroo Billimoria


Rob Becker

Advisor to the CEO