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Open Society Foundation Slovakia

Posted in Partner of The Week on October 11, 2017

Our partner of the week Open Society Foundation (OSF) Slovakia, founded in 1992, supports open society values and democratic developments in the country. OSF Slovakia was among the first grant making institutions after the fall of communism to promote human rights, social change and values of civil society. Until 2013, it was an integral part of the New York-based, global network of the Open Society organisations.

Inclusive education, especially when it comes to Roma children, has always been an important focus of the work of OSF Slovakia. Two years ago, the organisation began piloting Aflatot, Aflatoun’s early childhood education programme, in marginalised communities in the Eastern part of Slovakia, where the majority of Roma children live. More than 121 children participated in the pilot project, elucidating that financial literacy from an early age proves to be the key to success within the Roma community.

The Aflatot methodology has been contextualised by teachers using the programme in their daily work, aligning lessons to the mentality, traditions and cultural background of Slovakia. This also includes the adaptation of games and creating new songs for modules. At the end of last summer, the first wave of teachers trained up new Aflatot teachers.

Currently, 20 kindergarten classes participate in OSF Slovakia programmes, and more and more teachers are being trained. To date, more than 300 Roma children have benefited from Aflatot. By advocating for implementation of social and financial education into the national curriculum, OSF Slovakia expects to reach 500 Roma children by the end of the school year.