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National Financial and Social Education Programme Jordan

Posted in News on March 10, 2015

A National Initiative by the Central Bank of Jordan

The Central Bank of Jordan has taken the initiative to jumpstart financial education in Jordan n a national scale through a broad-based programme to be mainstreamed within Jordan’s public education system. With Combined resources, experience and efforts, the Central Bank and its partners in the public, private and civil society spheres ensured advancing a comprehensive national financial literacy strategy. Through the implementation of financial education programmes in all schools, Jordan is promoting the growth of a positive financial culture in current and future generations of youth and adults. Children and youth will develop sound financial habits such as saving, budgeting and earning and will be empowered to achieve their full potential as informed economic actors.

We, at Aflatoun International, take pride in assisting in the process. We proudly present to you the national books for the seventh grade with special thanks to the Ministry of Education and INJAZ in Jordan who made the final product possible.