Aflatoun International – Child Social and Financial Education



The world is rapidly changing and becoming more complex. It is more important than ever before that children gain social and financial skills to learn to get along and get ahead in life.

Economic and political instability, ongoing conflicts, climate change and increasing inequality are threats to all children and their communities. Demographic shifts, increasing urbanization, and new technologies are resulting in opportunities as well as challenges that the world has not grappled with before. In the midst of all this turmoil and uncertainty about the future it is clear that children are affected by these global risks in a way that undermines their potential and development in the longer term. It is therefore essential to scale-up social and financial skills programmes to protect and empower children, especially girls and the most vulnerable.

The Aflatoun social & financial education programmes have made impressive progress during the past five years. State-of-the–art curricula have been developed for different age groups. Over 60 Studies and Surveys have confirmed proof of concept. The number of children and youth benefitting from the different programmes increased to 5.4 million in 2017 (51% female) in 102 countries. The network of partners further diversified and consists currently of 192 organisations.

An environmental scan and reflections on the lessons learned, including a survey among the network partners, have informed the new strategy for the organization (2016-2020). The coming five years we are committed to work together towards having Social & Financial Education recognized as an integral element of quality education and a key enabler for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Aflatoun should be recognized as the thought leader on Child Social & Financial Education. An active global network will exchange ideas, experiences and best-practices on important issues like SFE implementation, delivering at scale with equity and quality assurance.

Please click here for the full strategy document which outlines the key strategic directions for the next five years.


Socially and economically empowered children and young people who act as agents of change in their own lives for a more equitable world.

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