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Launch of our digital refresher-training platform for teachers

Posted in News on November 11, 2016

Aflatoun is proud to announce the launch of its digital refresher-training platform made possible through generous support of Orange Foundation. The platform aims to provide continuous professional support to teachers and trainers who have already attended face-to-face Aflatoun teacher-training workshops. Teachers who sign up will find fourteen self-study modules to pursue. Each module should take around 30min to complete. Within the module they complete a series of tasks such as reading texts, listening to audio interviews and watching animation. After each task they complete multiple choice tests.


The platform has been designed for online and offline use, the latter made possible by linking raspberry pi off-line servers to tablets. Also available on the platform are digitalized, multi-media versions of Africa Books in English and French. The platform officially pilots in Niger, Senegal, Cameroon, Madagascar, Tunisia and Cameroon. In each country, 30 schools have been selected and provided with pro-bono tablets, raspberry pi servers and projectors.


You can watch the training videos made for this platform here.

The platform itself can be accessed at  this link.