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Partner of the Week: I Profile Foundation Uganda

Posted in Blogs on June 8, 2023

I Profile Foundation Uganda is an organization founded in 2015, that puts the youth at the core of its mission, aiming to develop dynamic and forward-thinking resources for youth development. Its mission is to integrate youth participation and innovation into the core of their communities, with the ultimate goal of nurturing community growth and transforming lives. 

Social and Financial Education enables different people in the community to look at the challenges they face in a different way in order to be able to co create solutions that are workable and sustainable. — A facilitator from I Profile Foundation Uganda.

In tune with other local initiatives, I Profile Foundation Uganda engages in interactive and dynamic methodologies when implementing diverse projects or initiatives. They enable spaces for renowned speakers, panel discussions, or the sharing of real-life experiences among members of communities to push forth youth mobilization and active participation in underprivileged areas of the country.  

Our partnership 

In light of our joint efforts to shape youth inclusion with flexible and contextualized curricula to suit local needs, Aflatoun’s work was introduced to I Profile Foundation’s affiliated schools by establishing an Aflateen Club in Abesther Kindergarden and Primary School in Wakiso, Uganda, of which 63 students signed up for its activities and trainings.   

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2020, students have had the chance to engage with our Aflateen programmes. Bearing in mind that it was the first-time teachers implemented the Aflateen + curriculum, the trainers dedicated time to explain the content to the participants and the objectives it intended to achieve among young people in Uganda. Participants set expectations at the beginning of the training, and made it clear that students were anxious to learn more about financial literacy, saving and budgeting, and they were curious about learner-centred approach that the curriculum emphasizes. Nowadays, the students continuously interact with other learners taking part in similar trainings across the whole continent. 

As part of the activities, the Aflateen club elects team leaders and trainings are organised in a way to maximize participation. The main methods of training are group work discussions and student-led presentations, and the lessons cover 5 thematic subjects of the Aflatoun curriculum, including Myself, My World; My Rights, My Ideas; My Body, My Choices; My Money, My Plans and My Enterprise.

The Business Step Up Series  

One of its unique initiatives is the Business Step Up Series. An intense training that enables the different participants to learn entrepreneurial skills as key tools to uplift their local businesses. Notably, the participants of the training have been in position to legalise their businesses, adhere to the various compliance rules, advertise and even take their businesses online. One of the successes of this initiative is that a few students have taken the bold step of scaling up their businesses.