Aflatoun International – Child Social and Financial Education

Digital Learning Awareness Workshop

Aflatoun International invites all partners and those interested to showcase the highlights in digital learning and to hear our strategy for the next 5 years. We will present our offerings and products available and ready to use, as well as recommend a few digital learning tools that partners can use for training, teaching, collaboration, etc. 

TIME: 13:30 – 15:30 hours CET 

MODERATOR: Maxwell Kyei Baffour, Team Lead Innovation in Aflatoun 

Special Guest Speakers: Roeland Monasch, Aflatoun CEO and Rediet Abiy, Head of Programmes 



1) Aflatoun current products and services 

Learn about Aflatoun’s services and some ongoing projects.
Speaker: Nathan Martin, Distance Learning and Business Development Consultant 
Duration: 10 minutes


2) Upcoming products and Certification 

In supporting our partners and larger financial education and life skills community, we will highlight some products in development. 

Speakers: Gemma Bosch and Ariana Pulsoni, Distance Learning Team Support; Niveditha Uthrapati Shakila, Education Manager; and Hassan Mahtat, Director of National Policies and Strategies, Edison Duran
Duration: 30 minutes 


3) Open-source e-learning tools  

We will collate a few open-source tools that partners can use to organise different digital learning activities within their organisations. 

Speaker: Yara Mansour, MENA Project Officer
Duration: 10 minutes 


4) Games 

Learn about Aflatoun’s collaboration in the gaming space as we work tirelessly to establish ourselves in a very competitive space through financial education and life skills 

Dawn of Civilisation game 

Speaker: Janine Teo, CEO Solve Education
Duration 15 mins 

Malee game  

Speaker:  Dr. Ahmad Morsy, Education Expert Meemain
Duration: 15 mins 


5) Partnerships – Aflatoun’s Digital learning partnerships 

Learn how Aflatoun is leveraging digital learning partnerships to benefit partners 

Speaker: Nathan Martin, Distance Learning and Business Development Consultant 
Duration: 10 mins 


6) Open forum for presentations/discussions 

Each attendee gets between 2-5 minutes to present a digital learning highlight from their organisation 

Speaker: All attendees
Duration: 15 mins 


7) Q & A 


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