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Aflatoun Day Sustainability Challenge – Middle East and North Africa

Posted in Aflatoun day on March 23, 2023

Lebanon - Ajialouna

Healing from the Roots – The Aloe Vera Project

Inline with the concepts we are teaching at Aflatoun.lb Club, we have launched a 2 steps project, to give our little aflatouners a practical application of the concepts and room to improve upon their thinking and execution skills.
The three main concepts we focused on are:

While each aflatouner had to tend and decorate her/his Aloe Vera, it was agreed that all profits from the project will be equally divided on all aflatouners.

The tasks were divided as per capabilities. As such, Aflatoun was the investor (buying the Aloe Vera for each child at 1$ cost, the decoration and the marketing material). The trainers and the ACS students volunteers were tasked to do the market survey and help in the decoration. Our aflatouners were tasked to tend to their plants, decorate them and help us in selling and marketing. Each class had one aflatouner representing them during the sales day. 

From the onset, our aflatouners were told that this is an initiative for them to learn how they can budget, save and make money. As such, a simple P&L was created for them to track the costs, expenditures and net profit. Our aflatouners will be taking home the net
profit, equally distributed amongst them.

While the first stage was for Aflatoun to buy the decorative and marketing material, the second stage involves working with the ACS Eco Club to create innovative decoration using recycled material.
Once the design is approved, our aflatouners will see first hand how this will impact their bottom line as we will have a second sales day with a new P&L.

Our aim is to teach them that by using recycled material innovatively, you will be positively impacting the planet as well as your own life.

Timeline: Aflatoun is a 20 weeks program, taking place once a week on Saturdays
In week 3: Aflatouners were given the Aloe Vera
In week 4: Aflatouners conducted a market survey
In week 6: Aflatouners decorated their Aloe Vera
In week 8: They sold 40 Aloe Vera
In week 10: They will work on recycled decoration
In week 15: They will sell 70 Aloe Vera with recycled decoration
In week 17: They will learn how recycling makes for great savings



Syria - Mobaderoon

Aflatoun Club in Homs

Young people in Homs actively cleaned a garden, recycled car tires, decorated benches in the garden, and rehabilitated them to be more useful for children to play. Within the framework of preserving public property and responsibility, to be better.


Helium Club in Aleppo

The activity of the Helium Club in Aleppo: Young adolescents planned and
implemented the activity of cooking lentil soup and selling it at a low price. For
the money collected, cactuses were planted for the adolescents and kept in
the session’s venue. As an internal peer support activity.


Palestine - Unlimited Friends Association