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Aflatoun Day Sustainability Challenge – Asia

Posted in Aflatoun day on March 23, 2023

China - BeBetter

BeBetter held an activity for students in rural primary schools to make advertisements for what they care about. Some students made posters and videos of protecting the environment because they know the natural resources are the treasure of human-being. In their opinion, they have the responsibility to protect their home from being destroyed day by day.
So there are three works: two posters and one video.

This is a garbage sorting poster from a third grade student in Henan. Each finger represents different kinds of garbage. Form the left to the right: unrecoverable garbage, organic refuse, recyclable garbage, harmful garbage and other garbage.

This poster is promoting low-carbon commuting. The slogan is Protect Our Home. It is also created by a third-grade student in Henan province.

The third one is a video called Protecting the Earth.

Philippines - NATCCO

Youth Laboratory DCCCO


Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative – #Plantiners


Pakistan - Diocese of Hyderabad of Pakistan

India - MelJol

Look at the integrated child and youth centric community development programme in Uttar Pradesh and the activities in Palghar, Maharashtra: MELJOL YOUTH- STRIVING FOR SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS (1)

Indonesia - ChildFund

Let’s Keep our environment clean!

Children in Pringsewu District took joint action to clean up theenvironment, including the school environment, public places andplaces of worship. According to them, everyone has a responsibility toprotect the environment.


Recycling is magic, turning something into treasure!

Children in the village of Waimangura on the island of Sumba createvarious objects from materials around them. Palm leaves are made intoa variety of useful boxes and wall hangings, while bamboo slats can beused to make star-shaped wall hangings. Palm fronds are also used asboat toys. Recycling activities indirectly inspire us to use the materialsaround us in a sustainable manner. Let’s think creatively andsustainably!

Read more about the activities here: Aflatoun Sustainabilty Challenges (1)

Sri Lanka - NECY

Swarnamali Girls College Kandy

The students of Swarnamali Girls College conducted some activities in the garden and nature for Aflatoun Day 2023.

Here is an activity carried out by Aflatoun Club of Swarnamali Girls College Kandy under the
theme of Saving Resources.
Up cycling is a great solution for sustainable use of Resources. Aflatoun members used waste
and blended them in creativity . They saved money by avoiding purchasing ornaments from the
market while helping the nature reducing the waste. These Aflatoun members were below 12 years in age.


Aflatoun Club – Hike to Hanthana

Club Aflatoun organised a ”Hike to Hanthana” to celebrate the Aflatoun Day 2023.This was the first ever hike organised by the school.Madam principal thanked the club members for this great event.
Hanthana mountain range lies in the central highlands of Sri Lanka.It was declared as an environment protection area. Children learnt the means of exploration ,exercise and reflection .They got the opportunity to build the human spirit ,improve physical fitness and increase environment awareness .

Goals and Objectives
* Club members took roles as Group leader ,Group sweep and Social host. They got the
opportunity to learn about the leadership and to work as a team
*Each group member has the opportunity to voice what is important to them on the hike and
what they hope to accomplish
*To see the sights along the way
*Develop efficient systems
*Maintain good group moral
*Complete the entire hike
*Keep in group/stay together
* Enjoy the journey


Uduwela M.V. – From Trash to Cash


CP NE Kikiliyamana M.V.


CP Denu Lankathilaka M. V


Lao - Homsavanh School


Pakistan - Sahil Ngo

Govt. Girls High School Bachal – Sukkur


Government Girls High School Aziz Mengal Jaffarabad – Balochistan


Youth Club Activities Government Boys High School Usta Muhamamd – Balochistan


AFLATEEN+ Youth Club Activities Government Girls High School Usta Muhamamd – Balochistan

Indonesia - LekDis Nusantara

SMPN 1 Wonomulyo West Sulawesi

Polewali Mandar Regency is known as one of the places where rope waste from boat is
processed well in Indonesia as one of the main source of income for people in that area
especially in Tinambung. Due to this background, Aflateen Club in SMPN 1 Wonomulyo took the
initiative to make handbag with basic materials, which are, used jerrycans waste, rope, and used
patchwork, as well as ribbons to add aesthetic value.


Club SMPN 2 Kubu Raya

A Market Day focuses on helping Aflateen club members to develop various financial literacy
including numeracy knowledge and other skill they learn in classes, and it is a good opportunity
for them to practice those skills in running small business initiatives by selling their own
products, from traditional snacks, sweet foods, handicraft and art products. As this is a direct
selling to their fellow friends, teachers, parents, and schools neighbours, they could train their
marketing, communication, and social skill including their confidence. They were very
enthusiastic and happy during the events, and the parents were so happy and proud of their
children also. It will be a good point to motivate them to develop their talents in marketing and

Aflateen SMA Negeri 3 Pontianak

Aflateen Club SMPN 1 Jongkat West Kalimantan

Market day bu Aflateen Club SMPN 1 Jongkat Mempawah West Kalimantan attended by the
Mayor of Mempawah district, the Head of Education Office and staff, other stakeholders, and
parents. This market day not only selling Aflatee club products, but they also demonstrate how
their products also have a message of climate change issues like using recycled material,
promoting environmentally friendly products, and educating the students on the practice of
recycle, reuse, repair and reduce. Through the activity, they also promote the importance of
learning financial literacy, not only learning mathematics but how to apply that knowledge to
their daily life, like what they have learned from Aflateen+ module where they have been taught
about spending and budgeting, money management and saving.


Aflateen Club SMPN 2 Tinambung West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi, especially Polewali Mandar, has a lot of enchanting natural beauty. Its marine tourism cannot be missed, especially for Palippis white sand beach. As the name implies, this beach has soft white sand with clear waters. Visiting an enchanting beach is indeed a very tempting vacation destination. Imagine to see the vast expanse of blue sea complete with white sand seems to invite us to immediately go to the beach. At Palippis Beach, we can realize this. Palippis Beach is a beach in West Sulawesi, precisely in one of the villages called Bala, in Balanipa District, Polewali Mandar Regency and it is known as a beach with a beautiful panorama. It shows the high seas which directly facing the sea that separates Java, Borneo and Sulawesi islands. It speads out about 3 km on the western edge of Sulawesi. The tourists will be presented with an exotic view that will amaze the tourists. Beside enjoying the clear water, tourists can also enjoy the white sand. On this white sand, tourists can do a variety of interesting activities, such as playing beach volly ball, buikding sand castles or just sitting back and enjoying the exotic beach scenery. Not to mention, the expanse of coral cliffs that are so sturdy that stretch along the coast. The clifts have heights ranging from 30 meters to 80 meters. Therefore, some people usually use it to do rock climbing activities. In addition, many visitors also make the rock cliffs as a spot to take pictures. It certainly makes Palippis Beach more recognized by the wider community. Another attraction of Palippis Beach is the Bat cave that is located between the coral cliffs. More precisesly, the bat cave is on a hill, not far from the shoreline. The cave is named Gua Kelelawar or Bat Cave because thousands of bats live in the cave. At Palippis Beach, tourists can also see the Mandarese people, making Sandeq boats. Sandeq is a boat that was born from the local wisdom of Mandares in sailing the ocean. It has a streamlined shape by relying on sails and wind speed to sail the ocean. The Sandeq boat is also one of the fastest sailing boat in the world. Sometimes, the tourists can rent the boat to enjoy the view straight from the sea. The view of sunset in Palippis area is also a beautiful thing for tourists to see. The huge potential of marine tourism on Palippis Beach is also a benefit for the people who live there. They can take advantage of the huge potential of marine tourists to sell the various foods and drinks and also provide seats to relax while enjoying the beauty of the beach. As members of the Aflateen+ Club from Junior High School 2 Tinambung, we often visit Palippis Beach. At Palippis, apart from playing with friends, we also often help the local community to clean up the beach area. We, as the members of Aflateen+ club at Junior High School 2 Tinambung, visit Palippis Beach almost every weekend to do cleaning activities. We usually do it in the morning because the morning air at Palippis Beach is very cool, but we also do it in the afternoon. Our usual activity is to pick up the trash, starting from the shoreline to around the cliffs that stretch along Palippis. In addition, we also provide the trash bins that we make from recycled material, and help provide understanding to the local community to always maintain cleanliness and preserve the beauty of Palippis Beach.


Aflateen Club SMPN 5 NTT

Cleaning up the garden to plant vegetables.

SMAN 1 Siantan Mempawah West Kalimantan


Aflateen Club SMAN 11 Pontianak

SMA Belajar


MTS Rahmania Islamic School – Tangerang Selatan


SMP Negeri 3 Sungai Raya


St. Ignacio

Aflateen club members SMA Santo Ignasius Singkawang West Kalimantan developing Dayak
tribe traditional handicraft skill from colorful beads called ‘manik-manik handicraft’. There are
various products that made from these beads (manik-manik) ranging from keyring, bracelet,
necklaces, purse, bag, hat, earring, scarf, traditional shirt, and others which are exhibited in the
school market day activities. Through this handicraft Aflateen facilitator inspired club members to
be creative, imaginative and not limiting their thinking to what’s already been done. As we believe
in Aflatoun that every child and youth is unique and special regardless to their personal
background. Through this traditional handicraft activity they learn that they have right to express
and practice their tradition, culture and faith as well as they have responsibility to protect and
sustain them. In club activity we emphasized that creativity is a skill we can practice and improve
in a wide variety of ways. The essential first step of creativity is believing we are creative that
might take practice, then self-confident will manifested to give it a try and take action! It’s
important that every club member understand this is a process that required patient and sprit of not
giving up.

SMA Santo Ignasius became the first school in West Kalimantan to implement Aflateen+ as
extracurricular as well as intra curricular school subject, with large number of students they have
approximately 1.000 students, its best scenario to enable all students learn this social and financial
literacy; Financial Literacy through Gender Lens (Aflateen+). Lekdis provide this school with
special teacher training in September 2022 to strengthen the school-based Aflateen+ program

Creativity and innovation in making handicraft products for developing Aflateen club members
entrepreneurship spirit where they have to discover and create new things, new ways, new
models that are useful for them in the learning process. By introducing this traditional handicraft
skill is not only to develop the entrepreneurship spirit of Aflateen club members, we expected
they love and taking care of their culture and heritage, be proud of being a group of their own
culture, being different is fine and fantastic, in fact that is what makes life is wonderful. By
knowing their selves, right and responsibilities, learning to value financial resource and non-
financial resources; like good health, good relationship with family and friends, save and healthy
environment. By learning set of knowledge and skill in this balanced social and financial literacy
called Aflateen+, we hope they have changed their mindset and attitude that they have significant
role in shaping their future and developing their communities.