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Aflatoun Day Sustainability Challenge – Americas

Posted in Aflatoun day on March 23, 2023

El Salvador - Gloria de Krietes Oportunidades

A group of youth from El Salvador, part of the programme “Oportunidades” from the Gloria de Kriete Foundation showed us their sustainable project. The institution helps them through their studies and gives them an entrepreneurship education, which is where this project came from.

The project consists in the realization of a 3D filament extruder from plastic bottles. They did this project because they identified some issues in today’s world: “pollution and excess of plastics in the world, considering the great exploitation of this material, we can transform it into something reusable and creative for the public.”

They washed and recycled bottles, they cut the bottles, they thermoformed bottle strips, created PET filament collection, they linked the wires, they started the 3D printing with the wires, and finally created 3D objects!

Guatemala - AMG

Rayo de Luz Primaria and Preprimaria

The students of the primary school had different activities related to cleaning up the school and the classroom, creating new objects out of recycled material, and plant flowers.


Watch the video here:


CFE 4 de Febrero



Near the library of the NimJay student training center there is a space two meters long and half a meter wide where students were asked to bring some seeds and they collaborated with radish seeds. The harvest was successful and each level was responsible for watering at least 3 times a week.

The students also helped cleaning out the streets of the community and learnt how to recycle.

They collected lids and decorated the school with them and some students painted the stairs after a course on painting.

Another activity was planting flowers and create purses from textile.

Look at the pictures of all activities here: Desafio sostenibilidad, NimJay, Guatemala


Instituto Tecnologico Santa Maria

Read and look at the pictures here: DESAFÍO DE SOSTENIBILIDAD, Instituto Tecnológico Santa María, Guatemala



Our social enterprise is an orchard in which the children will plant their own vegetables.
As the project progresses, the student will learn a new way of generating income and how to grow and harvest their own vegetables, thus also providing savings and/or new income for their family in the future. The first stage of the social project was our little market. The children experienced making their own sales, investing in their products, selling them (collecting and giving change), also dispatching their products.

The funds from this little market helped us to buy fertilized land, seeds to start our garden. Parents got involved and helped us to prepare the space where we put our garden. All the children also collaborated in cleaning the area. We learnt the care of an orchard, we also received a talk with the collaboration of a former student of the center who is studying agronomy.




Las Vistas


Colombia - Fundación CFA

Making Soap out of Used Oil

Watch the video here:

Colombia - Fundación Creafam

Promote an initiative with a sustainability focus and the importance of sustainable finance, the responsible management of resources and the considerations of long-term social, economic and financial sustainability in financial decisions.

Learn more about the activity here: Actividad AFLATOUN – GMW 2023-vf (1)