Research Intern

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Friday October 12th, 2019
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To remain relevant to the assessment of Aflatoun’s programs and integrate parts of the SDG monitoring framework, Aflatoun’s research department is revising its Theory of Change, indicators, M&E tools and guidelines for two of its main programs: Aflatoun and Aflateen+.

The Aflatoun program focuses on social and financial education for children of primary age and can be used within formal primary education and non-formal education. The Aflateen+ program focuses on gender equality and economic prosperity for girls and women, addressing issues faced by girls and women in developing countries. The main target group of Aflateen+ are girls aged between 15 and 19.

Based on this, Aflatoun is looking for an intern to support the revision of tools (50% time) and to support other tasks in the research area (50% time). The intern will work closely with Aflatoun’s research team and will be responsible for the following tasks:

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