Aflatoun International holds events and regional meetings to strengthen the Aflatoun network in each region, raise awareness of social and financial education, highlight the work of our partners, and continuously innovate the empowering of children and young people.

  • Asia Regional Online Training

    Social and Financial Education - Teaching Children and Youth to Thrive: An Introductory Course

    Around the world, many children and young people do not have the knowledge and skills to participate in and contribute to their societies. Aflatoun International offers social and financial education to millions of children and young people worldwide, empowering them to make a change for a sustainable future. Aflatoun International creates high-quality curricula, for different age groups, which are contextualised and implemented by local partners. In addition, educators are provided with training to teach the Aflatoun child-centred active-learning method, boosting life skills and financial education through five core elements. The organisation also conducts research projects to validate the impact, effectiveness and quality of its programmes.

    BATCH 1
    Dates: 19 – 20 October 2021
    Time: 09.00 – 13.00 CET
    Trainers: Lemuel Bonete and Pankaja Kshirsagar

    BATCH 2
    Dates:14 – 15 December 2021
    Time:09.00 – 13.00 CET
    Trainers: Brian Lariche and Hazel Modino

    Registration deadline is the 12th October
    Register here.

  • The Aflatoun Regional Meeting: Latin America & the Caribbean 2021

    The event is aimed at facilitating discussion between teachers, managers, educational and financial authorities, private banks, international agencies, and NGOs on the importance of Financial Education, Entrepreneurship, and the Promotion of Sustainable Development for children and young people.

    The event comprises three main activities:
    1. The EDUCA, Ahorra y Emprende Fair (June 8-16): aimed at students at different levels. They will share their entrepreneurial experiences and reflect on financial education, entrepreneurship, gender equity, sustainable development, the culture of peace, and responsible citizenship. Participants: Aflatoun Network Organisations.

    2. Regional Meeting of the Americas Network (June 17-18): aimed at discussing financial education, entrepreneurship and the promotion of sustainable development, and the state of the art in the region. The meeting is organized for teachers, managers, educational and financial authorities, private banks, international agencies, and organisations implementing or supporting financial education programmes. Participants: open to the general public.

    3. Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (June 23-24): promoted by EDUCA México, it consists of two days of training for entrepreneurs on the design and execution of social and financial projects at an advanced level. Participants: students who participated in the “EDUCA Ahorra y Emprende Fair”.

    Watch the recording here.

  • Youth Empowerment & Employability: Best practices and experiences

    1 in 10 youths are unemployed worldwide. In order to address this challenge, Aflatoun and its partners provide social and financial skills to children and youth worldwide. For World Youth Skills Day on July 15, 2021, together with the education technology nonprofit Solve Education!, we are organising a webinar that gathers partners, governments, NGOs, funders, education experts to discuss youth employability, the digitisation of employability skills and the importance of skill-building for youth empowerment.

    DATE: July 15th 2021
    TIME: 10am CET
    LOCATION: Zoom

    Click on the image to watch the recording!

    Click on the image to watch the recording, and check out Solve Education! here.

  • Digital Learning Awareness Workshop

    Join us to learn about highlights in digital learning and to hear our strategy for the next 5 years. We will present our offerings and products available and ready to use, as well as recommend useful digital learning tools for training, teaching and collaboration.

    DATE: July 28th 2021
    TIME: 13:30 – 15:30 hours CET
    LOCATION: Zoom

    To watch the recording, click here.

2020 Regional Meetings

In 2020, our regional meetings were held online with a specific focus on post-COVID-19 and its effect on education and delivery.

Full List of 2020 Regional Meetings >
  • Aflatoun Day 2021

    We celebrated our annual Aflatoun Day, which happens on the 25th March during Global Money Week, a little differently this year through an online showcase of our students and partners.

In the lead up, we organised several calls with students to hear their perspectives on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives, and how their governments can help them. Read their insights and the full statement here.

On Aflatoun Day itself, we hosted the awards ceremony of the Aflatoun Partners Resilience Challenge, highlighting outstanding stories from our partners on navigating the COVID-19 crisis and continuing to empower children and youth worldwide with social and financial education.

Despite the strains of this pandemic, Aflatoun International and our global network of partners adapted to the crisis and found creative solutions to ensure that every child and young person keeps receiving high quality social and financial education for their future empowerment.

To showcase their resilience to the challenges caused by COVID-19, our partners took part in the Aflatoun Partners Resilience Challenge! Read about the challenge here and watch their entries.