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Delegates from Kenya on a five-day learning tour in the Netherlands

Posted in Blogs on January 31, 2017

In December 2016, delegates from Kenya’s Ministry of Education, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), Central Bank of Kenya and Retirement Benefits Authority embarked on a five-day learning tour in the Netherlands facilitated by Aflatoun International. Among the stakeholder visited were EP-Nuffic, Child Youth Finance International (CYFI), Wijzer in Geldzaken and DNB.


One of the stops was meeting a primary school class. The children from group 8 of de Kameleon in Vlaardingen had a guest lecture in English with the representatives from Kenya. The 45-minute class was about career options, and enabled children to explore their talents and identify possible futures. The delegates shared stories about their early career choices and the children shared ideas about what they would like to achieve and become when they grow older.

Classes like these are interesting and valuable for children and young people as they touch upon elements of global citizenship or ‘wereldburgerschap’. It exposes them to other countries and cultures. Furthermore, they also brush up and practice their foreign language skills and abilities, and learn to see the world in a broader perspective. The children were excited and responsive and asked many questions, which made them more aware of living in a country like Kenya and about topics like wildlife, human rights, and poverty alleviation.