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The AflaYouth curriculum aims to improve income-generation abilities for
vulnerable young women and men (aged 16-24+) across geographies.
It’s a programme model for Social and Financial Skills (SFS), Employability and Entrepreneurship skills, suited to easily be adaptable in all contexts. It enables young people to gain access to training, support, mentoring and on- and offline learning during their transitions into the formal labour market or entrepreneurship.

In collaboration with our partners in all regions, we are adopting an innovative approach, to inspire, inform, engage, coach and assist participants to start a private enterprise or achieve gainful employment. Participants seeking employment over becoming an entrepreneur will gain critical skills, preparing them through coaching to find a decent job.

The diagram below displays the three books included in the curriculum:

For more information about the AflaYouth programme, contact Aflatoun’s Senior Curriculum Manager, Theresa Salzer.