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Credit Suisse’s Global Citizen Program – Anna Koltonyuk

Posted in Blogs on October 22, 2018

Since 2013, Aflatoun International and Credit Suisse have been collaborating towards making a significant impact on the quality of education for disadvantaged and vulnerable children across the world.

Thanks to this partnership, Aflatoun International has welcomed volunteers from Credit Suisse’s Global Citizens Program to facilitate exchange of knowledge. In August 2018, Anna Koltonyuk from Credit Suisse’s New York office, joined the Aflatoun team. Anna decided to volunteer with Aflatoun International because she truly believes in its goal to ensure life skills and financial education for children and young people across the globe. Moreover, the positive aspects of Aflatoun’s business model were particularly attractive to her.

Using her experience and knowledge, Anna’s task was to provide suggestions on how to make project management at Aflatoun International more structured, streamlined, and efficient. “Volunteering at Aflatoun International was an extremely positive experience. Everyone was very welcoming, warm and interested in gaining an outside perspective from a professional in the field.”

After working with Aflatoun International for 2 weeks, she noticed that “there are differences between non-profits and large companies like Credit Suisse but at the end of the day, we all face the same circumstances in terms of trying to improve our processes and finding the most efficient way of doing things.” Anna concluded, “because of everyone’s willingness to work together and improve, Aflatoun International is a great place for volunteers. I’m very thankful for this experience.”