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Aflatoun Online Regional Training: Asia

Posted in Event on June 10, 2021

LocationAflatoun Partner Platform
Aflatoun Regional Training: Asia

Aflatoun International is a network-based NGO headquartered in Amsterdamthat works with 350 partners across over 100 countries to deliver context-appropriate educational programmes for different age groups 

  • Aflatot for 3-6 years old 
  • Aflatoun for 6-14 years old 
  • Aflateen for 15+ years old  
  • Aflatoun Youth for 18+ years old 

Aflatoun programmes are rights basedstudent-centred and offer a unique blend of soft skillsfinancial literacy and enterpreneurship training.  

Aflatoun offers flexible curricula that can be integrated into a variety of programme models and interventions. It develops foundational social, financial, and entrepreneurial skills that children and young people can apply to complement activities, employment and entrepreneurship, or to support their transitions through school or to adulthood. With a package of curricula, training content, evaluation tools and regional supporters, programmes can quickly be adapted and integrated into your work, in countries around the globe.

Objectives of the Training 

1) Introduce participants to the content of Aflatoun Life Skills and Financial Literacy programme by looking at its five pillars and; 

2) Acquaint participants to a selection of basic active-learning methods such as brainstorming, image theatre, problem trees, memory cards, and group-work so that they might move towards a more active, engaging, empowering learning experience. 


Brian Lariche, CEO of Make It Rights Movement: Brian has been with Aflatoun program since more than 10 years ago and actively conducting training and advocacy for lifeskill and financial education for children and young people in many countries in Asia. Currently Brian serve as Asia Regional Representatives in the Aflatoun Global Board. Brian is a Malaysian and based in Kuala Lumpur. 

Lemuel Bonete, Child Safeguarding Global Lead at Children International: Lem is based in Manila and has been more than 5 years conducting Aflatoun training within his organization and other organizations.   

Pankaja Dhande Kshirsagar, Program Director of Meljol: Pankaja has 19 years of experience working with NGO focusing on children education. She has been with Meljol as Program Director in the last 3 years and active facilitating Aflatoun training in several states in India. 

Hazel Modino, Head of the Children Unit at National Confederation of Cooperatives: Hazel has been working with Aflatoun program at NATCCO since 10 years ago. She is very active in facilitating Aflatoun training to government teachers in many different parts of the Philippines. Hazel based in Manila.  

Lucky LumingkewasProgramme Manager for Asia at Aflatoun International: Lucky has 20 years of experience in social and financial education for children, formerly working for World Vision Indonesia, UNICEF Indonesia, and the ILO as youth employment project manager. In his current role at Aflatoun, he manages 35 NGO partners and 3 government parties across 13 countries in Asia.  


Dates: 6 days across the 2nd and 3rd week of August 2021: 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27 

Training Format: 2 hours live using Aflatoun Online Platform with several pre-assignments.   

Training Agenda:  

  • 16th August- Orientation on Aflatoun Partner Platform 
  • 18th August- Orientation on Aflatoun Programme 
  • 20th August- Introduction to Active Learning Method (ALM): Brainstorming and Image Theater 
  • 23rd August- Introduction to Saving Process and Gender Equity 
  • 25th August- Other ALM and Teaching and Facilitation Practice 
  • 27th August- Child Social and Financial Entrepreneurship 


To register, please email Lucky Lumingkewas at lucky@aflatoun.org