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New Partnership with International Co-operative Alliance-Africa to Help Improve Job Creation for Youth in Africa

Posted in News on May 28, 2019

They are both organisations centered on bottom-up networks and they aim to share their experiences in sustainable scalable models towards inclusive growth.

There is a need to improve the opportunities of business, job creation and wealth accumulation through cooperative enterprises for youth, our next generation. The International Co-operative Alliance-Africa unites co-operatives across 37 countries in Africa. Aflatoun has network partners implementing the successful Aflatoun programmes in 35 countries on the continent.

“Youth are a priority if we want to achieve our ambitious inclusive growth agenda focusing on social transformation, sustained economic growth and integration. The co-operative space enables access to economic opportunities for more young people and the African countries, while protecting the vulnerable.”

Dr. Chiyoge B. Sifa – Regional Director, International Co-operative Alliance-Africa

“We need to equip youth in Africa with the skillset and technical know-how that they will require to be employed or become successful entrepreneurs. Sustainable scalable models are a key priority for Aflatoun. By partnering with the International Co-operative Alliance-Africa we will be able to reach many more young people with essential social, financial and entrepreneurial skills.”

Roeland Monasch – CEO, Aflatoun International

Please visit International Co-operative Alliance-Africa on their website and Facebook for more information in regards to their work in the continent of Africa.