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Aflatoun Online Regional Meeting Francophone Africa 2021 #1

Posted in Event on June 1, 2021

The Financial Inclusion strategies in Francophone Africa: Inventories and Prospects

Since the 2000s, the financial education and inclusion of populations have become a stake of social development policies at the global level. In many African countries, the authorities have taken the measure of the situation by setting up education and financial inclusion programmes, at both regional and national levels. The objective of these programmes is to promote the financial inclusion of populations (young people; women; rural populations; SME), traditionally excluded from the banking ecosystem. This financial inclusion relies on the reinforcement of the confidence of the populations in the financial services providers (FSF), with the promulgation of texts and regulations related to the customer’s protection and the reinforcement of the financial capacities of the beneficiaries, with the development of financial education programmes. 


Joined by Karim DIA, Yvrose JOSEPH, Caroline TIOMAN, Dara – AHATO Yawo Dotse, Kouassi Felix YAO, the meeting will reflect on the financial inclusion strategies throughout the region by establishing the inventories of those programmes, as well as the key achievements and challenges. 


This event will be held in French. 


Karim DIA, Digital Finance Policy and Regulation Specialist at UNCDF, West and Central African countries. Karim DIA is a Digital Finance Policy and Regulation Specialist at UNCDF, covering West and Central African countries. Prior to joining UNCDF, Karim was Head of Risk and Compliance at the electronic money issuing subsidiary of a mobile network operator in Senegal. Karim has a Master’s degree in Information and Telecommunications Systems from Johns Hopkins University. He has also worked in financial planning and analysis and in internal control for Viacom, Comcast, and Citigroup in the United States. 

Yvrose JOSEPH, Responsible of the Financial Inclusion Unit (UIF) at the Central Bank of Haiti. 

Mahamane MAKAOU, Executive Secretary at the National Strategy on Inclusive Finance, Ministry of Finance, Niger. 

Caroline TIOMAN, Director of the Agency for the Promotion of Financial Inclusion (APIF), Ivory Coast.

Dara – AHATO Yawo Dotse, Director of primary education, Focal Point financial education to the Ministry of Finance, Togo. Dara – AHATO is the Director of primary education at the Ministère des Enseignements PrimaireSecondaire, Technique et de l’Artisanat. Before this post, Dara operated for many years as Inspector of Education to the same Ministry. He is appointed as the Focal Point for financial education to the Ministry of Finance, which is leading the national financial inclusion strategy in Togo. 

 Kouassi Félix YAO, Coordinator of the Financial Education programme (PEF), Ivory Coast. Coordinator of the Financial Education Program to the Ministry of Education of Côte d’Ivoire since 2012, Félix YAO is the Côte d’Ivoire Delegate at OECD in financial education. He chairs the Working Group’’ Client Protection and Financial Education ’of the National Monitoring and Implementation Committee (CNSMO), leading the implementation of the National Strategy on Financial Inclusion (SNIF) in Côte d’Ivoire.