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Partner of the Week: Savana Signatures

Posted in Partner of The Week on September 29, 2020

Savana Signatures is a Ghana-based registered non-governmental organisation with a vision of a society where relevant information, knowledge and skills for development are enhanced by equal access to and use of information and communications technology (ICT). 

Their mission is to initiate positive change among youth, women and vulnerable populations using innovative solutions to facilitate access to sexual, reproductive, health and rights (SRHR), quality education and skills development.

Our partnership

Savana Signatures recognises Aflatoun as a key partner in achieving its mission: “We believe that our partnership enables us to work for a society where young people, especially girls and women, live their lives with dignity thanks to access to education and life skills opportunities”, a staff member shared with us.

The organisation is currently implementing our Aflateen+ curriculum in 80 communities across 16 districts and 5 regions in Ghana, which involves 2000 adolescent girls between ages 10 and 19 years. The implementation falls within an initiative called Girls’ Life Choices which is aimed at ending the incidences of child marriage in project communities. “We expect our girls to become aware of the precarious situation in their various communities; to take charge of their lives and speak out against injustices, especially in cases of child marriage,” they added.

Benedicta's Story

Benedicta Tamun is an 18-year-old young woman from Kpandai, a district in Chana’s Northern Region. She completed Bolga Girls Senior High School but eventually, she hasn’t been accepted the university as she didn’t perform that well in her final exams. Unfortunately, her family was unable to support her financially and she has to find another way to complete her education

Benedicta was selected by the Department of Social Welfare to be trained as a facilitator of adolescent girls’ safe spaces in Savana Signatures’ Girls’ Life Choices Project. Since I received the Aflateen+ curriculum training, I began saving the little money I earn to enable me to pay the registration fees and to retake my examsMy education would have come to an end, and my dreams would have been shuttered if I had not received this training,” Benedicta added.