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Aflatoun: Girls’ Economic Empowerment through Financial Education

Posted in Publications on February 9, 2017

Aflatoun: Girls' Economic Empowerment through Financial Education

Have you ever wondered how education can contribute to girls’ economic empowerment? That’s exactly what we set to find out in our latest policy brief.

The policy brief, based on an extensive desk review (find the full literature review here), indicates that in order to truly advance girls’ economic empowerment, there is the need to combine financial education with social and health components. The research is supported by Credit Suisse as part of their Financial Education for Girls program which is implemented by Plan International and Aflatoun International in Brazil, China, India and Rwanda.

The study includes an overview of all evaluated program models focusing on financial education and economic empowerment. Based on the effectiveness of these models, we present a theory of change that integrates contextual factors that may impact program effectiveness and therefore would be necessary to consider in financial education programs. Through this research, the partners hope to contribute to knowledge around the effectiveness of financial education for adolescent girls.

You can download the policy brief here

You can download the full literature review here